Bluegrass, southern gospel and oldtime string band music!

Four sisters–two sets of twins! Use our Calendar for upcoming appearances.

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Hi! We’re the GillyGirls: an old-time, Americana, bluegrass, southern gospel band of four sisters made up of two sets of twins: Savannah and Morgan, 16, and Hailey and Jillian, 13.

Our family lives on a ranch in California’s Sierra Nevada foothills and it’s country life that gave us our love for traditional American music.

Southern Gospel Music Live

The GillyGirls

We’ve been singing, and playing for most of our lives and we have been performing statewide since 2015. We’re fortunate to have played at numerous festivals, camps, churches, schools, rodeos, libraries, the World Ag Expo, historical and folklore society concerts, many private events, and on live radio as well as with the team of the KMPH Fox 26 Morning Show.

If you would like to reach out to us we would love to hear from you. We love music and we are grateful for the opportunity to perform. You can reach us at our Contact Us page.

The GillyGirls have the privilege of being a part of a select few of young adults and children who have been adopted through Snowflake Embryo Adoption.


“Hailey is courageous and strong. She is the most athletic, and loves her animals, the outdoors, and making her sisters laugh. She plays guitar.”


“Jillian is the youngest, and the tallest! She is a born leader, and a natural communicator. She is smart, witty, and charming. She plays mandolin, bass, and banjo.”


“Morgan enjoys her cats, writing, playing the piano, and the simple things in life. She plays bass, mandolin, and ukulele.”


“Savannah spends most of her time playing or listening to music, but she also loves to bake, and is excited to start driving! She plays fiddle and mandolin.”

Fresno Folklore Society Newsletter

“Twelve-year -old twins, Savannah and Morgan, and 91⁄2-year-old twins, Hailey and Jillian have proved to be musical prodigies. They were poised and professional as they performed two sets for a capacity, appreciative audience. They made singing and playing multiple instruments look fun and easy. These girls love music. Savannah says that music is her “refuge”. Morgan says that “music is half of her heart, at least”. Hailey says that what she loves most about being in the band is “spending quality time, making memories with her sisters.” Jillian says that “music is the best way for her to communicate joy.” They also love their teacher, Evo Bluestein. The GillyGirls have only been playing stringed instruments since May 2014 and bass and fiddle for six months. What will the next year bring? (April 2016)”

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